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Property Photography from a different perspective

With the cautious re-opening of the property market, we take a look at how aerial photography could improve the the market chances for your property.

Layer Marney Tower, Essex (Not for sale!)

Many property experts are optimistic of a recovery in the property market due to the strength of the housing market per-pandemic. However we will see greater use of digital technology in the marketing of houses.

Sunset in London suburb area, UK

In the past, aerial footage was the reserve of big country properties as little was know about using drones in built up areas and the cost was prohibitive. With the correct permissions and qualifications aerial footage in 'congested areas' is totally possible and makes a property stand apart.

With the reduction in the cost of drones, the fee's charged by operators now are able to come down - especially if an estate agent can provide a list of properties.

Remember, capturing aerial footage needs no interaction physically between the pilot and home owner / agent.

Maldon, Essex

Blackwater Drones is able to offer aerial film and photography for properties from only £149 per property, and is able to fly within congested areas.

Please get in touch for more details -

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